Avoiding the Distractions of Entrepreneurial Pursuits

In a world where we are constantly being bombarded by notifications and alerts, it can feel like our attention spans are shorter now more so than ever. While this is an inconvenience for many of us, this is something that entrepreneurs need to learn to avoid more than anyone else. Entrepreneurship requires focused energy in a very intentional way to ensure their efforts are centered on the most important of their competing priorities. Make sure that you are not falling into the pitfalls of business distractions as you take on your entrepreneurial pursuits by following these recommendations.

Distracting Business Prospect

While there may be an abundance of business prospects, these are oftentimes merely distractions that detract from more lucrative avenues. These meetings and contacts can grab your attention and draw you in, but over time, many fade offering little benefit to your business. Not only are there endless first stage opportunities, but if you aren’t careful these can also take a great deal of time and end up sucking up a lot of your energy. While this part may be exciting, don’t allow yourself to get swept up onto the vacuum of entrepreneurial excitement.

Gaining Traction

This next phase is when you start to see further progress from your initial meetings. Whether this is through mutual interest and gain, confirmation of concept or a clear foundation in the finances, this is the step where the rubber first hits the road. This traction can give way to substantial possibilities for you and your company, but don’t spend all of your time here, as this can detract from prospects in their final stages.

Sealing the Deal

Sealing the deal and closing the offer is where you do not want to skimp on energy and focus, offering great value. Prospects in this phase are not complete so it is not time to sign off of them yet, and they will require attention and focus to bring to fruition. Ensuring that you can truly close will be necessary for the future success of your company. If you focus all of your energy solely on bringing in new clients and making new contacts, you will never find yourself with a solidified deal. Make sure to follow through on the phases of the process that will reflect a return on your investment.

The world of entrepreneurship can feel like a space with many distractions, and it can be a challenge to know where to spend your time and energy. If you manage your time effectively and with intention, reflecting a balance between the three stages of relationship building as an entrepreneur, you will be sure to find a better balance between all of these competing priorities.

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