How to Choose the Hottest Real Estate for Your Commercial Buyer

Understanding what makes your commercial real estate attractive and profitable is key to its and your success. In showing commercial real estate, it is critical to understand these factors to ensure that your relationship with the buyer is one that meets their needs and in turn, is profitable for you. Many factors influence the attention that a property gets and the business’s level of success, and here are few that you need to pay attention to.

Location, Location, Location

For any type of real estate property, location is critical; however, this is even more important for commercial real estate. Taking note of the strength of the neighborhood and its community is an important first step to increasing your presence and supporting business relationships within it.

Accessibility and Recognition

The location of a business is critical to its success, beyond the neighborhood and area. When looking at properties, the spaces should be easily found from the road and easily discernible from signs and storefronts. If the space is difficult to find or does not clearly show the business, clients are likely to turn to the next best competition which will likely turn off your buyer.


As your buyer looks at new spaces, you must help them see the potential in it. By branding the space to reflect a new beginning with a cleared and clean space, your buyer may begin to see themselves establishing its own identity in this location. If there are remnants of old businesses, you may quickly lose a client if they get the wrong impression or if they cannot visualize themselves there.

Restrictions on the Space

Commercial real estate properties will be subject to zoning conditions and code parameters. These are often hard and fast regulations that must be adhered to, so take the time to educate yourself on what those are before showing the space to any potential buyers. If your buyer finds that the codes are zoning restrictions are too restrictive, they may be displeased by your relationship.


Competition is a necessary part of business, and although counterintuitive, may be beneficial to businesses. While competition is necessary, too much of this can prove challenging for businesses, so make sure that you know your community and do your research of your buyer’s industry beforehand.

Commercial real estate can be a tricky industry to navigate, and buyers often need assistance in visualizing the possibilities in spaces. This is your job; providing the buyer with the support they need to see the location’s potential and make the best choice for their circumstances will leave both of you feeling content and excited about the property and its future.

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